Smart Ways In Tidying Up Small Room in Modern Minimalist Homes

smart ways in tidying up

Tidying up the room can make the house comfortable.  Of course, comfortable home will make the owner feel at home to stay.  Especially in a modern minimalist home, where residents are mostly new families or those who have just had a wedding.  The minimalist house has a simple but elegant concept, it needs a good idea so that the house still carries the concept.  Here are some rooms that are the main concern in modern minimalist homes. Smart ways in tidying up the room in a modern minimalist home are:

1. Tidying Up the Living Room

The living room is the main concern for guests who come.  In a modern minimalist home, in order to keep carrying the concept of simple but elegant is the need for smart ways in tidying up.  Thus, a small room can still look elegant.

Juggling a small but still elegant living room is by adding special furniture to a modern minimalist room.  Many furniture recommendations specifically for a modern minimalist room that can be an option.  Thus, the room will always look neat and elegant even in a small room.

2. Tidying Up Family Room

Entering the family room did not escape attention.  This room, where all family members gather, is the most comfortable place to share stories.  therefore, even small must remain comfortable and elegant.

How to spruce up this room is by giving it multi-functional furniture, for example adding furniture that functions as a TV rack and storing soft drinks.  This will further warm togetherness between families, in addition to making the room look neat.

3. Tidying Up Bedroom

Smart ways in tidying up the bedroom in a modern minimalist home are by providing special furniture for a minimalist modern bedroom, for example providing a mattress that can switch functions into a cupboard.

Don’t add too many unnecessary small trinkets.  Because it will make the room look neat and uncomfortable.  If you want to add a photo, just one on the wall of the room.  Thus the room will look neat and more comfortable and free.

4. Tidying Up Kitchen

Spruce up the kitchen also requires special tricks, so that a small kitchen looks neat, comfortable and elegant in the concept of a modern minimalist home.   Because the kitchen will create a variety of creative creations for the family.

Good idea in tidying up in the kitchen with a simple but elegant concept is to use a multi-functional cooking alar so it doesn’t take up too much space.  Thus, the kitchen will always look neat. Currently, there are quite a lot of multifunctional kitchen appliances, suitable for small but still elegant kitchens.

5.Tidying Up  Dining Room

One of the smart ways in tidying up the dining room is by adding a large mirror to the dining room wall.  So the room will look spacious.  Thus, this method can also make the room look neat.

The dining room becomes an important part to be considered in a family.  Because the room can tie together for all family members.  When eating time, gathering all family members is a positive thing to share stories with one another.  Thus, this room becomes important after the family room.

Those are some ways to tidy up the room in a minimalist modern home.  The small room will look elegant according to the concept of the house.  Thus, the house becomes neat and comfortable.  For that, you must know the smart ways in tidying up.

DIY Easy Decoration Ideas To Make With Toddlers At Home

easy decoration ideas to make with toddlers

Spending time with kids is important, moreover if they are still toddlers. Toddlers need time to bond with parents because it would increase their love, their personality, and mental as well. There are many fun activities that parents could do with their kids. One of them is making home decorations. There are many easy decoration ideas to make with toddlers at home that parents could prepare.

Making home decorations would not only bond the relations between parents and kids. But it would also increase the kid’s creativity with some physical activities. Moreover, after creating the craft, they could also keep and even display their work. As an addition, it would increase the kid’s confidence in displaying their artwork. For inspiration, here are some easy decoration ideas to make with toddlers at home.

1. DIY Jellyfish to Hang in the Room

The first decoration idea for parents and toddlers to create is a DIY jellyfish. Parents should prepare some paper plates, some yarns, and some glow-in-the-dark paint. The steps are easy for toddlers to follow. The first thing to do is to color all the paper plates and yarns using the paint. After that, cut the yarns to several same sizes. The next thing to do is make a hole in the center of the paper and gather the yarns along. Toddlers could hang the jellyfish inside their room and it would even glow during the dark.

2. The DIY Craft Bugs

The next easy decoration ideas to make with toddlers are with using natural objects with some recycled items. Invite toddlers to pick up some outdoor nature objects, such as the leaves and branches. After that, use some recycle cartons and paint them. Next, lead them to make some bugs by using the natural objects on to the carton. As the finishing, apply some modge podge to keep the art shiny and long.

3. The DIY Stone

Another great decoration idea that toddlers could create is DIY stone. With taking and using some stones from the garden, toddlers could then paint the stone. Adding some creativity to it, after painting the stones, toddlers could then apply the stone as a decoration. They could place it whether in the aquarium, at the kitchen, in the bedroom, and even in the bathroom.

4. The DIY Tie-dye Hanging Art

Hanging arts are one of the easiest yet beautiful easy decoration ideas to make with toddlers. To create great hanging art, parents could lead their kids to make a DIY tie-dye one! Using some colorful paints, toddlers could also explore their creativity. From choosing the colors until the pattern of the tie-dye.

5. The DIY Artsy Frame Art

Another wall art decoration that parents could make with their kids is the DIY artsy frame art. Parents and kids could cut some interesting pictures from old magazines or newspapers. After that gluing it on a paper, with some watering colors, stickers, and other items. Once it is finished, put it in a frame and it becomes one artsy frame art.

Spending time with toddlers could not only be fun but also useful to display some new decorations. These easy decoration ideas to make with toddlers are easy to do for both parents and toddlers. Have fun decorating!

The Best DIY Coffee Table Ideas For Your Favorite Home

Best diy coffee table ideas

Almost people interested in having a beautiful design of furniture for their favorite home, especially for a coffee table. Even seems simple, a good design of the furniture including a coffee table can make you feel comfortable in your favorite house. Therefore, we need to consider the design of the furniture except for the function. If you are looking to the inspiration of coffee table ideas, the following paragraph will special tell you the best DIY coffee table ideas.

Best diy coffee table ideas

1. A Unique Wooden Door Table Design

One of the best DIY coffee table ideas is being unique. Thus, the unique design of the coffee table is having a table made from the wooden door. It sounds strange however this coffee table design is interesting to have. There is no lack of having a coffee table by this design. On the other hand, we can save more by recycling the useless door becoming a coffee table. In addition, you might consider the comfort size of the coffee table. If the door is too big as a coffee table, then you may resize the door and repaint the door.

2. Unusual Bright Table Design Ideas

If you want to have an unusual and anti-mainstream design of your coffee table, you might try the bright table. What is the bright table means? The bright table means the table with light and mirror. Inside there are some lights inside the table, then the mirror as the cover of the table. This bright table will be an interesting table that you need to have. It will be functioned as a table and as the decoration of the room.

3. Wooden Wine Box Table

The wooden wine box table is also the best idea as the coffee table design. The wine box not only has an interesting design of the coffee table but also has a low cost. What you need to do if you want to create this kind of table is to find the wine box amounts of 4 boxes. Then, make them as a group by order the wine boxes into a table frame. After that, you might joint them by nail. In addition, you may create a new color of the boxes or keep the wood color. However, we need to make sure that the wood of the box is smooth and joint perfectly by strong nail.

4. Old Window Design of Coffee Table

Except for the door, we can use an old window as the coffee table also. The way to create the window design of the coffee table is almost the same as the door table design. You might retouch the color of the window, then give the foot for the table. On the other hand, you can add a room inside the window table. It will be additional storage for you to store a magazine or other equipment. The window table has glass as the cover as same as a common window. Therefore, we need to make sure that the glass is safe before changing it into the table.

The fourth best DIY coffee table ideas on the previous explanation are the example of coffee table ideas. You might create your own design as creative as you can. It is better to reuse the old thing into the new one to minimize the trash.

Amazing! These Are 4 Best Backyard Landscape Ideas You Can Apply

Best backyard landscape ideas

Every people in this world should have ever dreaming to have a comfortable house. House can be the place where we spend most of the time with family or our beloved people. On the other hand, many people will make it beautiful and clean even it will take a lot of money. One of the important on house is the backyard. Outside there available some best backyard landscape ideas we can apply at our home.

Best backyard landscape ideas

Build a good backyard is not as easy as you expect. There available so many problems we should face like the material or on the safety part. But when you successfully make it right, this place can do many funny activities. For example, we can read a book, relax, or just sitting down with some tea and talk about life. Here are some best backyard landscape ideas we would recommend to you. Here we go!

1. The Room Outside

A backyard can be an extension for our house where we can get more space if we make it right. You can make some space for trees, flowers, and grassy areas to create fresh air. But, you should set aside the free space to sit and enjoy all these things. Create a roofed building without a wall surrounding it and then add some tables and chairs. This will be a perfect place to drink a cup of coffee with your beloved person.

2. Multi-Use Backyard

A backyard should be a comfortable place for everyone in your house neither kids or parents. You can use this design in your backyard to make it fits with everyone. Build some grassy area with some toys like swing or slide for your children. On the other hand, create free areas and cover it with redwood for the older one. After that, just add some stuff you will need like chairs or tables. Make sure it is portable stuff, so you can move and use it as the barbeque area.

3. Mid-Century Model

If you love the house with an old-style near 1950-1960, this could be the perfect one for you. Build the back of your house with a stair in the middle of it and one story floor. This maybe will need a lot of money because you need many planks of wood for the raw material. However, you should find some grass plants with different colors to decorate your backyard. Above all, the natural color of the wood will be the most important part of this backyard idea.

4. Luxury Backyard

If you have a house in a higher place like on the hills or mountain area, this will be the best idea for you. You can build your backyard a small pool where you can relax there. On the other hand, add some chairs near the outermost side. So, you can drink a cup of tea while watching the landscape from a distance. Don’t give any fence which can disturb the panorama around your backyard.

There are 4 best backyard landscape ideas you can apply to your house. Maybe not all these things will fit your style and your area near you. Be smart to choose one of them because it needs a lot of money when you want to change it.

Manufacturers of Slots Including IGT ,WMS and Bally

The Internet includes an immense measure of slots related data locales, in this article we are taking a gander at the destinations of the significant slot machine producers. These destinations are incredible on the grounds that you can perceive what new slots are accessible and furthermore get more data on your preferred gambling club games.

It is nothing unexpected that the best of these locales is from the biggest slot machine producer on the planet – International Game Technology or IGT.

Site 1 : International Game Technology ( )

In the event that you have ever been to a land based club and played slot online then it is more than likely that you have played in any event one IGT game. Their games incorporate the ever well known Double Diamonds, Wheel of Fortune and hundred of different games.

At the IGT site you can see their most well known games and get the subtleties of new games that have been quite recently discharged. Probably the best component of the site is the “Sights and Sounds” area where you can observe little video introductions about the games. An incredible method to get all the data before you hit the club.

On the off chance that you are a bonanza fan, at that point the IGT site has the Megajackpots segment sitting tight for you. In this segment you can see the present bonanza records for all the various slots in the Megajackpots line up and furthermore observe the present sums.

Site 2 : Bally Gaming ( )

The bally gaming site has some great data albeit a significant part of the site is limited to gambling club directors and slot professionals. You can anyway get the present big stake aggregates of the Bally slot bonanzas at a gambling club close to you.

It shows up they are extremely glad for their administrative center as you can take a video visit.

Site 3 : WMS Gaming ( )

Who makes the exceptionally mainstream “Big stake Party” slot game? The appropriate response is WMS Gaming and their site includes a decent measure of data on Jackpot Party and the remainder of the WMS Gaming line up of video and turning reel slots.

They have “How To Play” areas for the entirety of their slot games. They are extremely short however they may give you a superior thought of what to search for before you play.

That is in support of this take a gander at prescribed slot destinations to visit. On the off chance that you have a most loved site that you might want us to include in a future article please let us know.

5 Best Innovations For Small Kitchen You Need To Know

Best innovations for small kitchen

A large kitchen is not necessarily better than a small kitchen. Therefore, for your home that has a small kitchen, you will still have a comfortable kitchen that can function optimally. So, to achieve your desire, you must know about the best innovations for small kitchen.

Best innovations for small kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, you only need a few innovative decorating ideas that fit your kitchen size. Innovative decoration will keep your kitchen organized, beautiful and functional. Let’s check these out about best innovations for small kitchen, which is very useful for you:

1. Apply Minimalist Concepts

If you have a small kitchen, you must make sure all components in your kitchen can function optimally. You can make a lot of storage space attached to the wall or you hide it under a minimalist dining table. Therefore, choose a multifunctional dining table.

For example, choosing a table with a cube shape that can be filled with many items. Pair the table with a minimalist chair. Then, you will not see an unorganized pan, utensil or cutlery in your kitchen.

2. Use Every Corner of Your Kitchen Optimally

You can use every corner of your kitchen to function optimally. For example, make a cabinet that you can function as a place for your various cooking utensils.

However, you need to choose a simple cabinet design with a minimalist color palette as well. You also need to make sure your kitchen isn’t filled with lots of furniture. This can make your kitchen look overfill and smaller.

3. Add Mirror As a Decoration

In the interior world, mirrors are famous decoration as a solution for small spaces. This is because the mirror can bring up the illusion of a bigger room.

For small kitchen designs, use a mirror as an efficient backsplash material. The mirror will reflect the shadow of the room around it so that your kitchen looks more spacious.

The mirror material is also easy for you to clean from oil and food ingredients that are splattered when you cook. This is why add a mirror, as decoration is one of the best innovations for small kitchen.

4. Use the Open Rack

You may be bored using a hanging cabinet or attached to the wall of your kitchen. Then you can use an open rack to organize your simple minimalist kitchen. To create a spacious impression, get rid of your kitchen cabinet and use an open wall rack instead.

Then, you will have a small but neat kitchen. Another advantage of using this open rack is that it prevents furniture from moisture. In addition, it can save you time when searching for an item.

5. Use Enough Lights

You must make your kitchen design lighting as bright as possible. For example, you can choose white as your kitchen wall paint. Or, you can install several windows in your kitchen to utilize natural sunlight.

However, if your kitchen does not have a window, you can create a bright atmosphere by using enough light. In addition, choose brightly colored furniture, and use a backsplash that reflects light.

Those are the best innovations for small kitchen, which you can make as a reference. Now you can decide what kind of theme you will apply to your kitchen. However, make sure the theme matches the size of your minimalist kitchen.

Low Budget Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms That Easy To Do

low budget decorating ideas for living rooms

People might spend most of their time outside the home, whether in the office or at school. When coming home, people would want a clean, neat, comfortable place to spend. The living room is one of the rooms that people often spend beside the bedroom. People might think that decorating a living room is expensive and hard to. However, there are several things that people could do for low budget decorating ideas for living rooms.

low budget decorating ideas for living rooms

Besides relaxing, the living room is used to do many activities. Starting from watching TV, hanging out with other members of the families and read some books. For those who might have a boring living room, it is now the perfect time to change it. With using these simple low budget decorating ideas for living rooms, everyone could change their interior house. Here are some things people could do.

1. Put up some Artworks at the Wall

The most simple and cheap thing to do for decorating is putting up some artworks at the wall. Rather than buying expensive artwork, people could draw their own artwork. As another option, people could also use a bohemian flare or other colorful fabric. After that, people could hang it using an old frame. If there are no frames, people could set an old branch on the wall and hang the fabric on.

2. Add greenery inside the Living Room

Adding some plants and greenery are also simple low budget decorating ideas for living rooms. People could find some cheap plants in online stores. However, it has great qualities to décor the room. Try to create a group of small plants with different heights. It would bring not only a beautiful view but also a decorative thing.

3. Repaint the Old Wall

The next thing people could do to decorate their living room is repainting the walls. A different color painting walls would bring different nuances to the room. It is simple and also cheap to do. Moreover, people could also set up their own wallpaper. With the help of the internet, people would able to buy and install it by themselves.

4. Make a Gallery Corner

Creating a gallery corner is also a great option to redecorate the living room. Not only hanging frames on the wall but also people could stand it on the shelf. People could use their family portrait or use some other pictures such as the scenery, quotes, and others. Moreover, people could printout the picture using their home printers.

5. Bring up various cushions

The low budget decorating ideas for the living room are using and matching up several cushions. People could use different sizes, textures, colors, and shapes to bring decorative nuance. Bringing up various kinds of cushions would not only refresh the living room but also brings comfortable inside as well.

Finding some low budget decorating ideas for living rooms is not difficult to do. With a little help from the internet and some creativity, everybody is able to change their living room. Not only it would be beautiful but also comfortable to stay.

Use These For Interior Décor With Plants In Your House

Interior decor with plants

Any interior design is just not complete without any plants in the design. Plants play an important role and function inside any room. Therefore, when designing an interior design, make sure to always count a plant inside. Interior décor with plants can, however, be tricky and hard. You sure want to make a design with the theme, but you have to put it in the plant. Most modern designs, however, demand a clean white room, whereas plants are colorful. Therefore, people need to round up their minds to get them in. 

Interior decor with plants

Plants play an important role in the interior design that people don’t realize. Other than just being a decoration, plants can make the room look and feel fresh. It connects the outside of the room inside that decoration can not do. To feel this, you won’t need too many plants, just choose the right one according to the size of the room. Also, adjust it with the theme of the room. Here are some plants and types of interior décor with plants that you can apply:

1. Fiddle Leaf Pig

This kind of leaf is wide and big but the quantity of the leaf is not much. Therefore, this kind of plant is great to use for offices or in your living room. You can place them in pots on the edge of every room. Adding them on every or one edge will round up the room and make your room look just fresh. The tree itself is quite high but just enough for a room. It doesn’t make the room look crowded either, so make sure not too put too much. 

2. Elephant Ear Plant

Another plant that has larger leaves than the fiddle leaf pig is the elephant ear plant. The size of the leaves can be up to 4 meters longs and 2 meters high. This kind of plant is best for big space or large rooms with many spaces in it. It will make the room more alive and look fresh too. Add some yellow colors to the room to make it more feel more natural. As for those with modern design can put them in black and brown spots. 

3. Snake Plant

This is one of the easiest plants that people can take care of in the room. They come in a variety of sizes making it able to put in the edge of the room or on the table. If you want to fill up the room you can choose a big one and put them in white pots. As for those who want table decoration we can choose the smalls ones. Just water them three times a week and it will stay fresh. 

4. Boston Fern

For those who are looking for a hanging plant for their interior décor with plants can choose the Boston Fern. This plant can be used for both hanging or sitting décor and is best with a wooden theme. If you have a room that needs a plant but has no space, then hang it up. Hang it on the wall or hang it like a lamp. This way the plant doesn’t take up too much space. 

5. Air Plants

A unique kind of plant that you can have for a modern design interior is air plants. They don’t need soil to grow and they can be hang up or in a pot. They are very easy to take care of and are unique. No wonder many people have them in offices and in modern places. 

So, interior décor with plants is not always hard, but it depends on the plants. Choose the plants that can adjust the theme of the room. Try to choose plants that are also not hard to treat. Therefore, people can have them as a decoration but also treat them easily. 

Choosing Kitchen Island Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

From all the places in the house, the kitchen is one of the most favorite places to be for most women. Here, they can do their hobbies and do their experiments. Therefore, having the right design and equipment for the kitchen is important to consider. One of the must-have is the kitchen island where you can use them for storage and use the surface. There are also many kinds of kitchen island design ideas that people can choose adjusting to their kitchen.

Kitchen island design comes in many sizes and colors, so they are quite a variance. Therefore, they can fit in small to big kitchens, any kind of the size of kitchens. They are also made from many kinds of material, adjusting the budget of the owner. So, which kind of kitchen island design ideas are the best to use? Well, here are some kitchen island design ideas that people can have in their kitchen:

1. Light Colors

People think of island ideas, they will usually remember of light colors. Therefore, apply some light colors to your kitchen. Make your kitchen look fresh by choosing light and fresh colors such as white, light blue for yellow for the main color. If you want more than one color try mixing two light colors such as white and green. This will make sure the kitchen island looks standing in the middle of the room.

 2. Wood Kitchen Island

One of the materials people use for their kitchen island is wood and they can last long. To make the kitchen island more functional, people can use the sides of it for shelves. Therefore, on the sides, people can add books or other belongings to decorate the kitchen. This will also help people save more space rather than having to build extra storage.

 3. Integrate Kitchen Island

For those who have limited space in their kitchen, try some kitchen island design ideas that can integrate the function. Try building in a dishwasher to the kitchen island or the oven inside. If this is possible people can really save up space and money. However, if you plan to install an oven too, ensure the safety and the endurance of the material. 

4. Kitchen Island – Table

A kitchen island that people can use for both storage and as a dining table. People can design one side of the kitchen island for storage. One the other side people can let the bottom be empty and put stairs below them. Then the top part can people use as a table. This idea will also sure to save many spaces for people who have limited space.

 5. Kitchen Island Wheels

For people who have tiny kitchens and can have a big kitchen island can try this idea. Make a kitchen island with wheels that you can push and pull easily. The function is still the same, to put things and be a storage. But space will not take a lot and people can put them in different places. Thus it depends on the empty space that is available in the house.

So, there are many kinds of kitchen island design ideas that people can try according to their needs. If people have a limited budget, choose an idea that can give a double function for the kitchen. Or choose a simple idea that such as the wheels where it is small and simple.

5 Tips On How to Decorate a Dining Room To Be Better

how to decorate a dining room

The dining room is one room that is usually used for a gathering room for the whole family. While enjoying food, they usually share many interesting stories. So, if you want to decorate the dining room to be more comfortable, you should know how to decorate a dining room.

how to decorate a dining room

This is because decorating the dining room is not easy. You must pay attention to many details to make your dining room comfortable, nice and also functional. So, if you want to know how to decorate a dining room, let’s follow these tips below:

1. Choose Furniture That Suits The Dining Room Space

You must pay attention to the use of furniture in the dining room as detailed as possible. Therefore, choose furniture that suits your dining room space. If your dining space is large, you can choose a rectangular dining table.

However, if your dining room is minimalist, you can choose the shape of a round or square dining table. You also have to adjust the shape and size of the chair to match the table. Make sure the back of the chair is comfortable when you sit on it.

2. Set The Lighting Well

Lights that must exist in each dining room are lights on the dining table. Traditionally, the lamp used is a chandelier. However, you can use lamps with a more modern style, such as downlights.

In addition, you can also maximize lighting from the window during the day. This can create a warmer and more pleasant atmosphere. In addition, maximizing sunlight is certainly good for your home’s overall air circulation.

3. Choose The Color That Matches The Theme of The House

You can choose a dining room color theme that matches the theme of your home. For example, if your house has a minimalist theme, you can choose a monochrome color palette.

Or, you also use a more earthy color, like light brown, gray, or light green. You can also add a white color to the dining table, which will give the impression of calm and freshness.

4. Choose Material Carefully

You can choose the material carefully to increase comfort in the dining room. Lately, exposed material has been in great demand to beautify the room because of its natural impression. However, before deciding to use exposed material, you should consider the treatment.

This is because it will relate to the level of durability of the material itself. For example, if you use exposed brick, this can produce sand that can disturb your comfort.

5. Add Artistic Decoration

How to decorate a dining room is you need to add a touch of interesting detail. For example, you can add unique wall hangings or attractive displays that can bring a cheerful atmosphere.

In addition, you can also add wall lights to make your dining room warmer. However, if your dining room space is small, avoid adding a lot of decorations. This is because it can make your dining room be smaller and too excessive.

Those are some tips that you can apply if you want to decorate the dining room. Pay attention to every detail of your dining room so that your dining room is comfortable and also nice. Once you know how to decorate a dining room, you can prepare everything in detail.