Choosing Kitchen Island Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

From all the places in the house, the kitchen is one of the most favorite places to be for most women. Here, they can do their hobbies and do their experiments. Therefore, having the right design and equipment for the kitchen is important to consider. One of the must-have is the kitchen island where you can use them for storage and use the surface. There are also many kinds of kitchen island design ideas that people can choose adjusting to their kitchen.

Kitchen island design comes in many sizes and colors, so they are quite a variance. Therefore, they can fit in small to big kitchens, any kind of the size of kitchens. They are also made from many kinds of material, adjusting the budget of the owner. So, which kind of kitchen island design ideas are the best to use? Well, here are some kitchen island design ideas that people can have in their kitchen:

1. Light Colors

People think of island ideas, they will usually remember of light colors. Therefore, apply some light colors to your kitchen. Make your kitchen look fresh by choosing light and fresh colors such as white, light blue for yellow for the main color. If you want more than one color try mixing two light colors such as white and green. This will make sure the kitchen island looks standing in the middle of the room.

 2. Wood Kitchen Island

One of the materials people use for their kitchen island is wood and they can last long. To make the kitchen island more functional, people can use the sides of it for shelves. Therefore, on the sides, people can add books or other belongings to decorate the kitchen. This will also help people save more space rather than having to build extra storage.

 3. Integrate Kitchen Island

For those who have limited space in their kitchen, try some kitchen island design ideas that can integrate the function. Try building in a dishwasher to the kitchen island or the oven inside. If this is possible people can really save up space and money. However, if you plan to install an oven too, ensure the safety and the endurance of the material. 

4. Kitchen Island – Table

A kitchen island that people can use for both storage and as a dining table. People can design one side of the kitchen island for storage. One the other side people can let the bottom be empty and put stairs below them. Then the top part can people use as a table. This idea will also sure to save many spaces for people who have limited space.

 5. Kitchen Island Wheels

For people who have tiny kitchens and can have a big kitchen island can try this idea. Make a kitchen island with wheels that you can push and pull easily. The function is still the same, to put things and be a storage. But space will not take a lot and people can put them in different places. Thus it depends on the empty space that is available in the house.

So, there are many kinds of kitchen island design ideas that people can try according to their needs. If people have a limited budget, choose an idea that can give a double function for the kitchen. Or choose a simple idea that such as the wheels where it is small and simple.

5 Tips On How to Decorate a Dining Room To Be Better

how to decorate a dining room

The dining room is one room that is usually used for a gathering room for the whole family. While enjoying food, they usually share many interesting stories. So, if you want to decorate the dining room to be more comfortable, you should know how to decorate a dining room.

how to decorate a dining room

This is because decorating the dining room is not easy. You must pay attention to many details to make your dining room comfortable, nice and also functional. So, if you want to know how to decorate a dining room, let’s follow these tips below:

1. Choose Furniture That Suits The Dining Room Space

You must pay attention to the use of furniture in the dining room as detailed as possible. Therefore, choose furniture that suits your dining room space. If your dining space is large, you can choose a rectangular dining table.

However, if your dining room is minimalist, you can choose the shape of a round or square dining table. You also have to adjust the shape and size of the chair to match the table. Make sure the back of the chair is comfortable when you sit on it.

2. Set The Lighting Well

Lights that must exist in each dining room are lights on the dining table. Traditionally, the lamp used is a chandelier. However, you can use lamps with a more modern style, such as downlights.

In addition, you can also maximize lighting from the window during the day. This can create a warmer and more pleasant atmosphere. In addition, maximizing sunlight is certainly good for your home’s overall air circulation.

3. Choose The Color That Matches The Theme of The House

You can choose a dining room color theme that matches the theme of your home. For example, if your house has a minimalist theme, you can choose a monochrome color palette.

Or, you also use a more earthy color, like light brown, gray, or light green. You can also add a white color to the dining table, which will give the impression of calm and freshness.

4. Choose Material Carefully

You can choose the material carefully to increase comfort in the dining room. Lately, exposed material has been in great demand to beautify the room because of its natural impression. However, before deciding to use exposed material, you should consider the treatment.

This is because it will relate to the level of durability of the material itself. For example, if you use exposed brick, this can produce sand that can disturb your comfort.

5. Add Artistic Decoration

How to decorate a dining room is you need to add a touch of interesting detail. For example, you can add unique wall hangings or attractive displays that can bring a cheerful atmosphere.

In addition, you can also add wall lights to make your dining room warmer. However, if your dining room space is small, avoid adding a lot of decorations. This is because it can make your dining room be smaller and too excessive.

Those are some tips that you can apply if you want to decorate the dining room. Pay attention to every detail of your dining room so that your dining room is comfortable and also nice. Once you know how to decorate a dining room, you can prepare everything in detail.

Best and Affordable Designs for Tiny Kitchen Décor Ideas

Having a tiny kitchen doesn’t mean that people can’t design them to look luxury and attracting. One of the keys to support cooking is having a complete set of kitchens set and good design. Even a tiny kitchen can be decorated well, it all depends on the design and how people design the. And people don’t need to worry because tiny kitchen décor ideas are not always expensive too. There are many ways to decorate the kitchen so that it doesn’t become expensive. 

Developing a kitchen itself is quite a challenge, but decorating a tiny kitchen is even harder. Usually, there aren’t many spaces in a kitchen, therefore, people will need to maximize the available space. Don’t use or have too many equipments that you won’t use because it will just make the kitchen full. Here are some affordable and brilliant tiny kitchen décor ideas people can apply for their kitchen:

1. Floating Shelves

Tiny kitchen means tiny space and a usually tiny budget. Therefore, rather than buying big cupboard people can make floating shelves on the wall. Use the space on the wall to keep your cups, pans or even plates by making a hanging shelve. Make sure to choose a strong material for the shelve so it can put up heavy equipment too. Make sure to put enough space from one shelve to another. And don’t forget to adjust the material of the shelve with the theme of the kitchen. 

2. Bright Colors

A tiny space can look big if it is colored with bright colors. Therefore, for your tiny kitchen décor ideas try to choose bright and neutral colors like white or light grey. These simple colors don’t only make the kitchen look wider but also clean. On the other hand, darker colors just make it more full and dull. However, if you like dark colors, then mix it up with a light color so that it can make the room look wider. 

3. Multifunction Table

Dining rooms are usually one packet with the kitchen. To make this possible then design a multifunction table that can be used for both the kitchen and dining table. It may seem weird in the beginning, but it is now getting popular especially for tiny kitchens. Use chairs that can be pushed in and don’t buy a big table. 

4. Lighting

The amount of light is also an important part of tiny kitchen décor ideas that people need to concern. With enough light, the tiny kitchen will look better. Use the right amount of light for both the dining room and kitchen. Hang them up so that it doesn’t take too much space. 

5. Patterns

To make the kitchen look more alive and not boring bring in some patterns to the kitchen. Add simple patterns that can still make your kitchen look modern. You just need to put the pattern on the walls or on the table of the kitchen. Just make sure not too put too much pattern because it will also make it look full. 

These are some of the most affordable tiny kitchen décor ideas that people can try. They don’t need much expense and people can do it on their own too. However, before changing or decorating the kitchen make sure to design it first. Therefore, you can make maximize the design in the best way. 

Easy Tricks To Do In Every Room To Make A Cozy Interior Decor For Houses

Having a cozy house is a dream for most people. A comfy place to stay with family or do some work is the best thing to have. Here are some easy tricks to make cozy interior decor for houses that don’t need much money to spend.

1. Comfy Living Room

Living rooms may be the place where the family often sits together. This place must be the coziest place for all family members.

You can choose a calm and neutral color for the wall. For example cream, broken white, or light grey.

Then, you can place a comfortable sofa. Choose the fluffy and smooth sofa so you will be comfortable while sitting there.

Then, place a rug which covers almost half of your room, and can be the basis of your coffee table. In addition, you can place a tv or home theater too.

Make sure the lighting is good too. Not too light but not too dark. You can set a yellow table or floor lamp to add a cozy ambiance to the living room.

2. Nice Bed Room

The bedroom is the next important place to design to make cozy interior decor for houses. First, you need to count the size of the room.

Then, you can place the right bed size. Place bed linen and blanket which use a comfy fabric. Add little table in the right and left of the bed to put necessary things if you want. Don’t forget to add a fluffy rug that has a harmonious color with the wall and all things inside the room.

3. Clean Bathroom

A nice bathroom is a clean one. You can make a clean bathroom by using bright colors. Such as white, or baby blue.

But those colors will make you spend a lot of time to clean it every day. If you want to make a clean and cozy bathroom without worrying about the dirt, choose brown or black as the basic color.

It still will look dirty too but it will be easier to clean. Choose the easy-clean material. Ask the material shopkeeper to know which is the easiest thing to clean up and what is the best tool to do it.

4. Neat Kitchen

The kitchen also an important part of designing cozy interior decor for houses. This is where you cook and sometimes eat your meal every day.

The cozy kitchen must be clean too just like the bathroom. And because the kitchen utensils are a lot, you can organize them well through the cabinet.

You can make a custom cabinet or just buy it in a department store. Remember to place all of your kitchen utensils in their own area right after using and cleaning it. Be discipline to clean them will make your kitchen always look nice and cozy.

5. Workspace

If you have a workspace in your house, it must be decorated well to increase your mood. So you can finish all of your work fast and perfect.

Place a table which size is suited for your room. Add a board on the wall to put all of your job’s notes. Use sticky notes to make you organize it easier.

Place a desk lamp too if you like to read a book in that room. To give a green view, you can add a cactus pot on your desk.

Or place a little plant in your room. The plant will make you feel more relax while working and make the room cozy.

Those are 5 easy tricks to do to each room in your house, to make a cozy interior design for houses. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your dream house come true.

Cute and Adorable Nursery Decor Ideas for Unisex

Parents to be would always prepare the best before their baby is born. Starting the new baby born clothes, diapers, baby stroll, carrying clothes and the nursery. The nursery is one of the most exciting things to prepare because parents would spend most of their time here with the baby. Before the baby is delivered, parents could seek for some cute and adorable nursery decor ideas for unisex babies.

Parents would usually use common colors such as pink and blue. Pink color for a baby girl and blue color a baby boy. However, sometimes the baby gender could be wrong during the USG. On the other side, using pink and blue are so yesterday. These days parents are starting to use neutral colors. Here are some nursery decor ideas for unisex that are cute and also adorable.

1. The Neutral Nursery

Rather than using blue and pink, parents to be could use soft grey as the color tune for the nursery. With the combination of white and dark grey, the nursery would look calming and clean. For the furniture and decor materials, parents could use soft and matte finishing. As an addition, add a white or cream rug in the breastfeeding corner to create a cozy and calming atmosphere.

2. The Playful Peach Nursery

Another nursery decor ideas for unisex is using playful peach color. Use the combination of neutral white and grey colors with peach and dark mint accent. The nursery would have a playful theme. Moreover, as the child gets older, parents would not need to change the nursery because it is also a great room for kids as well.

3. The Scandinavian Nursery

One of the most famous neutral theme for nursery these days are a Scandinavian nursery. The highlight of the décor is using high texture details with white and light grey. Some light cream colors are also included in the room for a calm nuance. To create a cuter room, parents could add some characters into the room with still using the white color as the basic.

4. The Modern Mid-century Nursery

Parents who wants to use a darker color for the room could use a modern mid-century theme. Not only using grey and white but also dark brown or black as well. These nursery decor ideas for unisex is bold but relaxing. Furthermore, the room does not have to be clean from patterns. Instead, parents could play with some patterns on some of the materials here.

5. The Bold Nursery

Parents could still play with colors for a unisex baby room. With using cream or grey or white as the basic color of the room, parents could add some bold colors. Apply some bold colors such as red, navy blue, orange or also green mint to several items in the room. Create the same bold color tune for the room so that it is not too much. Bold colors could be fun but still adorable.

As a conclusion, these nursery decor ideas for unisex would help parents on not confusing about the gender room. It is still okay to add some pink and blue colors it in. However, do not dominate a gender’s color because both the mom and the dad would also enjoy the room.

The 5 Best Kitchen Decor DIY Ideas For Creating a Functional Kitchen

Have you ever decorated your kitchen with unique items? Unfortunately, interesting and unique decoration items are usually expensive. Therefore, you should look for kitchen decor DIY ideas. Kitchen decor DIY will make your kitchen different from other kitchens.

If you are bored with your kitchen decor, you can also change your kitchen decor with DIY items. You can replace all your kitchen decorations with unique items that you make yourself. Here are 5 kitchen decor DIY ideas that you can easily make:

1.     Wine Rack

If you like drinking wine, surely you are interested in making this. You can use an ordinary wooden pallet to make this wine rack. If you like classic, neat wine racks, you can furnish the wooden pallet first. You can make the wine rack like a rectangular basket.

Make sure the bottom of the basket consists of several wooden pallets that can be used to hook wine glasses. You can put your collection of wine bottles on it. Then, you can display this DIY wine rack on your kitchen wall.

2.     Menu Board

One of the important decorations and must be in the kitchen is the menu board. You can make this menu board write your grocery list or the menu you want to cook. The first way you do that is you have to prepare a teak wood coaster and frame.

Then, match the size between the teak wood coaster and the frame you have. Make teak wood coaster as a blackboard for you and then you can paint it in black. Color the frame with a color that matches the theme of your kitchen to make it look more attractive.

3.     Wooden Spoon Display

Do you have a lot of used wood utensils and you no longer use them for cooking? If you have several utensils, why don’t you change them to be cool and quirky decorations in your kitchen? Moreover, you can start preparing some wood utensils that you have and clean it.

After that, you can paint the wood utensil with striking colors. You can arrange and stack the wood utensil that you colored on the wooden board. Leave a few inches on the wooden board so you can write something down. You can display it as an attractive kitchen decoration.

4.     Pot Rack

One of the kitchen decor DIY ideas is a pot rack. This DIY kitchen decor is very useful for those of you who have a lot of pots in your kitchen. So, you can make a unique and simple pallet pot rack. You only need to provide several pallets, nuts, rings, toggle hook bolts, and heavy chains.

First, you can arrange the pallets horizontally and attach several toggle hook bolts. Then, hang the pallets that you have arranged on the walls of your kitchen using heavy chains. This DIY pot rack will look like a palace door that is being opened in a fairytale

5.     Utensil Holder

Do you have a lot of utensils and want to display them all? Of course, you can make your wishes come true by making a DIY Utensil Holder. All you need is an old rake that you put on a wooden board.

If you want the wooden board to look better, you can paint the wood board first. Stick a wooden board that has an old rake on your kitchen wall. Put some utensils that you want to display on the hook of an old rake.

There are many more kitchen decor DIY ideas that you can easily make at home. But, as a beginner, you can try making one of these DIY decorations. Of the five DIY kitchen decorations above, which one will you try to make at home?

Mini Garden Fence Material Ideas

Having a garden is always a great idea. The smell and colors from the flowers are calming yet entertaining. People could spend time not only for relaxing but also for relaxing and even playtime for children. To protect the garden and gives bounds, adding a mini garden fence would be nice. The fence would both protect the beautiful flowers and plants from unwanted guests. It would delineate for the garden more.

The fences are not only to protect but it would also add value to the garden. For the fence, use a 2- 3-foot high height. That would be tall enough and still eye-catching. On the other side, there are many kinds of material that people could choose. There are a lot of colors, materials, and shapes. Some materials even add more uses to the garden as well. Here are some great mini garden fence ideas that people could use:

1. The easy-to-install iron fence

For a simple fence, people could use an iron garden fence. This fence is easy to install. Iron fence is suitable for fencing a backyard garden with vegetables inside it. The material might be lighter than other materials. However, the maintenance is easy and people could paint the iron fence in any colors. Moreover, people could see through the fence.

2. The Multi-Talented Wood Fence

Another mini garden fence ideas are using woods. People could install it with a rustic look or even with a modern look. Using a different compose and different finishing, the material woods could give several options to the users. Even though it might pricey a little bit, but it is worth it. Woods are strong yet stylish at the same time.

3. The Living Fence

A uniquely beautiful way to have a fence is with using a living fence. What is a living fence?  It is a fence that uses a perimeter fence where flowers would live on the fence. If people do not want to use flowers, they could choose vines plants as another option. This would be a great idea to add more space for plants to garden. Moreover, it is lovely for people to see.

4. The Authentic Bamboo Fence

Using bamboo as a material for the fence is also popular. With bamboo as the mini garden fence, it blends perfectly with plants and flower around it. The installation is easy to do and the price is friendly as well. However, people must choose the right bamboo age for a strong and solid one.

5. The Decorative Metal Fence

The metal material is almost like the iron fence. However, it is thicker and stronger. A metal fence is not only decorative but also it draws attention the garden area. It gives a great modern and contemporary look. Moreover, people could install the fence with digging in the yard. It also has easy maintenance and long durability.

Installing a mini garden fence is important to protect the flowers and plants. Not only is it useful but also aesthetic at the same time. As a result, enjoying the garden would be more fun and relaxing.