Choosing Kitchen Island Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

From all the places in the house, the kitchen is one of the most favorite places to be for most women. Here, they can do their hobbies and do their experiments. Therefore, having the right design and equipment for the kitchen is important to consider. One of the must-have is the kitchen island where you can use them for storage and use the surface. There are also many kinds of kitchen island design ideas that people can choose adjusting to their kitchen.

Kitchen island design comes in many sizes and colors, so they are quite a variance. Therefore, they can fit in small to big kitchens, any kind of the size of kitchens. They are also made from many kinds of material, adjusting the budget of the owner. So, which kind of kitchen island design ideas are the best to use? Well, here are some kitchen island design ideas that people can have in their kitchen:

1. Light Colors

People think of island ideas, they will usually remember of light colors. Therefore, apply some light colors to your kitchen. Make your kitchen look fresh by choosing light and fresh colors such as white, light blue for yellow for the main color. If you want more than one color try mixing two light colors such as white and green. This will make sure the kitchen island looks standing in the middle of the room.

 2. Wood Kitchen Island

One of the materials people use for their kitchen island is wood and they can last long. To make the kitchen island more functional, people can use the sides of it for shelves. Therefore, on the sides, people can add books or other belongings to decorate the kitchen. This will also help people save more space rather than having to build extra storage.

 3. Integrate Kitchen Island

For those who have limited space in their kitchen, try some kitchen island design ideas that can integrate the function. Try building in a dishwasher to the kitchen island or the oven inside. If this is possible people can really save up space and money. However, if you plan to install an oven too, ensure the safety and the endurance of the material. 

4. Kitchen Island – Table

A kitchen island that people can use for both storage and as a dining table. People can design one side of the kitchen island for storage. One the other side people can let the bottom be empty and put stairs below them. Then the top part can people use as a table. This idea will also sure to save many spaces for people who have limited space.

 5. Kitchen Island Wheels

For people who have tiny kitchens and can have a big kitchen island can try this idea. Make a kitchen island with wheels that you can push and pull easily. The function is still the same, to put things and be a storage. But space will not take a lot and people can put them in different places. Thus it depends on the empty space that is available in the house.

So, there are many kinds of kitchen island design ideas that people can try according to their needs. If people have a limited budget, choose an idea that can give a double function for the kitchen. Or choose a simple idea that such as the wheels where it is small and simple.