Cute and Adorable Nursery Decor Ideas for Unisex

Parents to be would always prepare the best before their baby is born. Starting the new baby born clothes, diapers, baby stroll, carrying clothes and the nursery. The nursery is one of the most exciting things to prepare because parents would spend most of their time here with the baby. Before the baby is delivered, parents could seek for some cute and adorable nursery decor ideas for unisex babies.

Parents would usually use common colors such as pink and blue. Pink color for a baby girl and blue color a baby boy. However, sometimes the baby gender could be wrong during the USG. On the other side, using pink and blue are so yesterday. These days parents are starting to use neutral colors. Here are some nursery decor ideas for unisex that are cute and also adorable.

1. The Neutral Nursery

Rather than using blue and pink, parents to be could use soft grey as the color tune for the nursery. With the combination of white and dark grey, the nursery would look calming and clean. For the furniture and decor materials, parents could use soft and matte finishing. As an addition, add a white or cream rug in the breastfeeding corner to create a cozy and calming atmosphere.

2. The Playful Peach Nursery

Another nursery decor ideas for unisex is using playful peach color. Use the combination of neutral white and grey colors with peach and dark mint accent. The nursery would have a playful theme. Moreover, as the child gets older, parents would not need to change the nursery because it is also a great room for kids as well.

3. The Scandinavian Nursery

One of the most famous neutral theme for nursery these days are a Scandinavian nursery. The highlight of the décor is using high texture details with white and light grey. Some light cream colors are also included in the room for a calm nuance. To create a cuter room, parents could add some characters into the room with still using the white color as the basic.

4. The Modern Mid-century Nursery

Parents who wants to use a darker color for the room could use a modern mid-century theme. Not only using grey and white but also dark brown or black as well. These nursery decor ideas for unisex is bold but relaxing. Furthermore, the room does not have to be clean from patterns. Instead, parents could play with some patterns on some of the materials here.

5. The Bold Nursery

Parents could still play with colors for a unisex baby room. With using cream or grey or white as the basic color of the room, parents could add some bold colors. Apply some bold colors such as red, navy blue, orange or also green mint to several items in the room. Create the same bold color tune for the room so that it is not too much. Bold colors could be fun but still adorable.

As a conclusion, these nursery decor ideas for unisex would help parents on not confusing about the gender room. It is still okay to add some pink and blue colors it in. However, do not dominate a gender’s color because both the mom and the dad would also enjoy the room.