Use These For Interior Décor With Plants In Your House

Interior decor with plants

Any interior design is just not complete without any plants in the design. Plants play an important role and function inside any room. Therefore, when designing an interior design, make sure to always count a plant inside. Interior décor with plants can, however, be tricky and hard. You sure want to make a design with the theme, but you have to put it in the plant. Most modern designs, however, demand a clean white room, whereas plants are colorful. Therefore, people need to round up their minds to get them in. 

Interior decor with plants

Plants play an important role in the interior design that people don’t realize. Other than just being a decoration, plants can make the room look and feel fresh. It connects the outside of the room inside that decoration can not do. To feel this, you won’t need too many plants, just choose the right one according to the size of the room. Also, adjust it with the theme of the room. Here are some plants and types of interior décor with plants that you can apply:

1. Fiddle Leaf Pig

This kind of leaf is wide and big but the quantity of the leaf is not much. Therefore, this kind of plant is great to use for offices or in your living room. You can place them in pots on the edge of every room. Adding them on every or one edge will round up the room and make your room look just fresh. The tree itself is quite high but just enough for a room. It doesn’t make the room look crowded either, so make sure not too put too much. 

2. Elephant Ear Plant

Another plant that has larger leaves than the fiddle leaf pig is the elephant ear plant. The size of the leaves can be up to 4 meters longs and 2 meters high. This kind of plant is best for big space or large rooms with many spaces in it. It will make the room more alive and look fresh too. Add some yellow colors to the room to make it more feel more natural. As for those with modern design can put them in black and brown spots. 

3. Snake Plant

This is one of the easiest plants that people can take care of in the room. They come in a variety of sizes making it able to put in the edge of the room or on the table. If you want to fill up the room you can choose a big one and put them in white pots. As for those who want table decoration we can choose the smalls ones. Just water them three times a week and it will stay fresh. 

4. Boston Fern

For those who are looking for a hanging plant for their interior décor with plants can choose the Boston Fern. This plant can be used for both hanging or sitting décor and is best with a wooden theme. If you have a room that needs a plant but has no space, then hang it up. Hang it on the wall or hang it like a lamp. This way the plant doesn’t take up too much space. 

5. Air Plants

A unique kind of plant that you can have for a modern design interior is air plants. They don’t need soil to grow and they can be hang up or in a pot. They are very easy to take care of and are unique. No wonder many people have them in offices and in modern places. 

So, interior décor with plants is not always hard, but it depends on the plants. Choose the plants that can adjust the theme of the room. Try to choose plants that are also not hard to treat. Therefore, people can have them as a decoration but also treat them easily.