The 5 Best Kitchen Decor DIY Ideas For Creating a Functional Kitchen

Have you ever decorated your kitchen with unique items? Unfortunately, interesting and unique decoration items are usually expensive. Therefore, you should look for kitchen decor DIY ideas. Kitchen decor DIY will make your kitchen different from other kitchens.

If you are bored with your kitchen decor, you can also change your kitchen decor with DIY items. You can replace all your kitchen decorations with unique items that you make yourself. Here are 5 kitchen decor DIY ideas that you can easily make:

1.     Wine Rack

If you like drinking wine, surely you are interested in making this. You can use an ordinary wooden pallet to make this wine rack. If you like classic, neat wine racks, you can furnish the wooden pallet first. You can make the wine rack like a rectangular basket.

Make sure the bottom of the basket consists of several wooden pallets that can be used to hook wine glasses. You can put your collection of wine bottles on it. Then, you can display this DIY wine rack on your kitchen wall.

2.     Menu Board

One of the important decorations and must be in the kitchen is the menu board. You can make this menu board write your grocery list or the menu you want to cook. The first way you do that is you have to prepare a teak wood coaster and frame.

Then, match the size between the teak wood coaster and the frame you have. Make teak wood coaster as a blackboard for you and then you can paint it in black. Color the frame with a color that matches the theme of your kitchen to make it look more attractive.

3.     Wooden Spoon Display

Do you have a lot of used wood utensils and you no longer use them for cooking? If you have several utensils, why don’t you change them to be cool and quirky decorations in your kitchen? Moreover, you can start preparing some wood utensils that you have and clean it.

After that, you can paint the wood utensil with striking colors. You can arrange and stack the wood utensil that you colored on the wooden board. Leave a few inches on the wooden board so you can write something down. You can display it as an attractive kitchen decoration.

4.     Pot Rack

One of the kitchen decor DIY ideas is a pot rack. This DIY kitchen decor is very useful for those of you who have a lot of pots in your kitchen. So, you can make a unique and simple pallet pot rack. You only need to provide several pallets, nuts, rings, toggle hook bolts, and heavy chains.

First, you can arrange the pallets horizontally and attach several toggle hook bolts. Then, hang the pallets that you have arranged on the walls of your kitchen using heavy chains. This DIY pot rack will look like a palace door that is being opened in a fairytale

5.     Utensil Holder

Do you have a lot of utensils and want to display them all? Of course, you can make your wishes come true by making a DIY Utensil Holder. All you need is an old rake that you put on a wooden board.

If you want the wooden board to look better, you can paint the wood board first. Stick a wooden board that has an old rake on your kitchen wall. Put some utensils that you want to display on the hook of an old rake.

There are many more kitchen decor DIY ideas that you can easily make at home. But, as a beginner, you can try making one of these DIY decorations. Of the five DIY kitchen decorations above, which one will you try to make at home?